Grow your business by being “relevantly different”

From doing things better or faster to doing things differently

Strategic innovation is about creating an unexpected growth strategy by daring to change the current rules of the game in your market, and discovering new business you didn’t think of before (e.g. a new niche, a new customer, a new channel).

Dare to be different

Good, better, best… is not necessarily what keeps you ahead of others. Many companies innovate in terms of products or technology. They focus on making better products and faster technologies and thus believe themselves to be highly innovative. Sometimes their products or technology becomes so superior that there is no realistic use for the added features. It becomes even worse when new entrants in the market, which usually are smaller and more agile, offer cheaper alternatives that are good enough to do the job. By doing so, this type of “innovators” price themselves out of the market, which is a situation to be avoided.

In this workshop, we do not brainstorm about how to make products better or processes faster, but about your business model and the hidden potential to change the rules of the game in your market.

The workshop is about how to become “relevantly different in a sustainable way”. It is about creating a framework to find new or additional opportunities at the right time for your company. It is also about “being disruptive” (breaking the rules) in order to find a completely new approach that fits amazingly well into your business model, but that you did not yet detect because the energy of your company mainly goes into doing things better and faster.

Who could benefit from this workshop?

This seminar is ideally suited for general managers and decision makers who want to escape from “doing business as usual” and who are eager to grow their business by applying strategic insights that already work in industries different from theirs.

More info

If you would like to receive more information on the content, the different formats (in-company training sessions, brainstorms, hands-on workshops, individual coaching, or lectures), language options or anything else you have questions about, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.