From brand building to brand being

How to adapt your marketing organization to tomorrow’s needs

In the digital age, marketing and communications are no longer a linear or sequential experience but an exponential one that is based on living and ever-changing networks. People interact, collaborate and engage in the networks they choose for themselves. They ignore push marketing almost completely.

Therefore, marketing requires a different approach than 10 years ago. Traditional marketing thinking that relies on the 4Ps is a little outdated because it only offers you a framework for marketing planning out of the seller’s point of view. It is high time to look at your organization from the customer’s point of view.

Einstein was right “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity”. In order to adapt your existing marketing organisation to the challenging needs of today and tomorrow, you will have to get away from your “business as usual” thinking mode.

In this seminar, you will discover new ways of setting up a sound marketing mix (online and offline), taking into account the means and resources available. We therefore focus on the current trends in marketing practices and marketing expenditure of companies in different sectors. Because after all, to the CEO, marketing can only be on the agenda when it is useful, and that is when it adds value.

But what value? The answer is to be found in the market orientation of your company. Are you, as a company, more sales-driven, market-driven, customer-driven or market-driving? There are no good or bad options. What matters is that each orientation requires a specific marketing approach for how to create added value for your company and customers alike. And this is exactly what we share with you in this seminar.

Who should attend?

This seminar is mainly intended for Marketing managers and Sales managers with marketing responsibilities from companies with the ambition to make their organisation future-proof by making creative and thoughtful use of the means and resources they have, without ignoring any of the customer touchpoints that really count.

More info 

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