The irreversible effects of digital disruption on your business model

Digital newcomers have changed business drastically. It all started with the newspapers, music and travel industry, where small new players succeed in turning established markets upside down. This hasn’t stopped ever since. New digital players keep on coming on a daily basis to change uncountable businesses and their rules of the game forever.

So, the question is not whether digital disruption can hit your business. The question is when digital disruption will hit your business. It may be sooner than you think.

In this workshop, you will get answers on the following questions:

• How fast can newcomers irrevocably overthrow your current business model?
• How vulnerable is your business and how to react, even in case you are the market leader today?
• How to recognise digital newcomers in your market or industry?
• How to adapt your business model to the changed market situation, and how to find an alternative before someone else does and makes you obsolete altogether?

“If you don’t cannibalise yourself, someone else will” Steve Jobs used to say. Indeed, “cannibalising yourself” is one of the keys to success if you are in a business that is to be taken over by digital newcomers. But there is more to it.

We will discuss why digital reality has a thorough impact on the way we do business today, and why it also matters to you.  We will elaborate on the essence of digital disruptive ideas and models, by means of examples such as the long tail, freemium, crowd funding, peer-to-peer commerce, 3D printing, etc … so that it becomes crystal clear why digital disruption is no longer to be ignored.

This workshop – which can also be booked as a tailor-made in-company training – is an eye-opener for every CEO,  manager or team leader who understands that quick fixes to a digital strategy is no longer an option, but that adapting your business model is a bare necessity to survive and thrive in times of digital disruption.