The 24/7 worldwide experience

Become an expert in managing the expectations of your online audience

In order to establish and manage an effective 24/7 worldwide presence online, you have to see your website as a means, not as an end. A successful website connects with its visitors, contains what really matters to its stakeholders, contributes to the conversation, and offers great content.

Translating business objectives into online goals

In this workshop, we guide you through the process of setting the right goals for your website. Those goals can range from raising brand awareness, attracting new visitors, increasing sales, facilitating the start-up of new business segments, establishing thought leadership, co-creating with customers, up to becoming an interesting content platform. Or a combination of those.

Your website is still too much about you?

If your website doesn’t rock, you can be pretty sure it is because it is too much about YOU. That is why we focus on making websites to become part of a larger integrated experience. On average, web visitors are highly experienced people, for the very obvious reason that they already have visited an uncountable number of sites before coming to yours. Makes sense, no?
Potential customers are very alert when they search.  You’d better give them optimum content they always want to come back for.  They look for concrete market information, tips, advice, inspiration, take-aways and learnings of any kind. They expect clear calls to action and an easy way to give feedback or interact with you.  Potential customers also want to know whom you do business with today and what others say about their experiences with you.
If a lot of this is missing – in other words in case your website is still too much about how great you and your products are – they will not come back. It is as simple as that.

Content marketing

Your website’s success will mainly depend on the quality of its content. Content marketing is an ongoing process to attract and retain visitors with interesting information that makes them smarter. It is not about pitching your products or services. It is about giving your visitors exactly that relevant piece of information they are looking for and that strengthens their feeling that they must choose “YOU”.
We show you how to keep your website continuously relevant, and convert visitors into customers.

Do not fix what is not broken

In addition to all the ins and outs of turning existing websites into customer-centric websites with great content, we also focus on the latest internet do’s & don’ts, and on how you can make appropriate use of social media for your organisation, without being overwhelmed by a continuously growing maze of possibilities.

Who could benefit most?

This workshop is mainly intended for organisations that want to increase their online impact by becoming more customer-centric in everything they do online. It is for managers and executives who want to become relevantly different in the new economic reality.

More info

If you would like to receive more information on the content, the different formats (in-company training sessions, brainstorms, hands-on workshops, individual coaching, or lectures), language options or anything else you have questions about, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.