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Over the years, we have developed a totally new way of looking at brands, starting from our conviction that the customer is always right when it comes to liking or disliking brands. Our approach is based on the idea that people do not buy products for the features they have, but for the experiences products may give them. To stay in business or grow your business, you need to adapt your marketing approach to this reality.

That is why it is our passion to support companies who understand the importance of moving from “brand building” to “brand being”.

A typical approach we offer our clients to embark on the “brand being” route is as follows:

  1. Customer experience passport
    We map the experiences people have with your brand and how they feel about that, how they interact with others and what the consequences are for your brand.
  2. DNA chart
    We look at the brand proposition of your organization (vision, mission and values), and provide the tools to either finetune or strengthen the essence of your brand proposition in a way that is unique for you. Why? Because we see too many mission statements that look pretty much the same… they are therefore useless as they don’t give clear directions to the people who have to live the brand.
    Your brand proposition will be relevantly different: we start from the (often unlocked) DNA that sets you apart from anyone else in your market or industry, in a way you may not have thought of before.
  3. “Brand being” strategic plan
    Since we believe strategy is about “being unique in a relevant way, and turning that uniqueness into a sustainable advantage over time”, we will come up with a comprehensive strategy in which we determine what is really at stake for your customers with respect to your brand (at different levels: products and services, design and content creation).
  4. “Brand being” marketing communications plan
    This is the concrete integrated plan to put your “brand being” strategy into action. 

Why should you choose for us? We deliver tailormade tools and concrete plans that are very actionable: the customer experience passport, the DNA chart, the “brand being” strategic plan and marketing communications plan are the cornerstones to put brand being into action for your organisation. Welcome to a totally different marketing world. 

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