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We have a passion for helping companies become more customer-centric. Why?

Because customer-centricity is not about a company pleasing its customers for the sake of making them happy or delighted. It is about listening to others in order to detect where you have to innovate. It is about brand being and about focusing on the interaction your brand generates with others.

At, we therefore focus on strategic innovation, brand experience and online marketing. These are the marketing domains in which we can support you to relevantly differentiate from your competitors. And as we always start from the outside perspective (which is also the perspective of your customers), we believe we can help you deliver a future-proof company and marketing strategy.

Strategic innovation

Creating a growth strategy by questioning the current rules of the game in your market and by applying innovative ideas that already work in other industries

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Brand experience

Giving leverage to your brand by creating a unique experience that is hard to resist for your customers and target customers

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Online marketing

Setting up an effective 24/7 worldwide presence if you still want to be in business in 2020

More about online marketing


  • With a passion for customer centricity
  • Through no-nonsense thinking, because we know that a goal is a dream with a deadline
  • By being pragmatic and creative, to help you put the chosen strategy into action


  • Audits & workshops
  • Tailor-made consultancy
  • In-company advisory services
  • Coaching & Speaking opportunities
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