“Strategy is all about being relevantly different,
while creating customer value in a sustainable way.”
– Ann

You are experts in your industry. You know how to develop products and services.
You know your existing customers and your desired base of future customers. 
You know the competition. In other words, you know your business.
Welcome to the point where your comfort zone STOPS. 

Be relevantly different

Sooner or later, “doing business as usual” will get you into trouble. It is very hard to remain relevantly different when you are completely submerged in what you are doing. This is exactly where Galland can come in, to look at your company from the outside. We can support you in growing your company by discovering totally different ways of adapting your business to the changing rules of the market. This could result in a new types of businesses you didn’t think of before, such as a new niche, a new customer type, a new channel, etc.

Fish do not see the water

When you are a medium-sized or larger company, it is not easy to reinvent yourself because there are so many agile start-ups around challenging your industry all the time. Being good or best is not necessarily what keeps you ahead of others. You may be good at innovating in terms of products or technology. Your products or technology may become so superior that there is no realistic use for the added features. This happens often in B2B and high tech environments.
It becomes even worse when  small and agile entrants in the market offer cheaper alternatives that are good enough to do the job. By doing so, as a product and technology innovator, you have the perfect recipe to price yourself completely out of the market.
We love to help you to avoid or correct this scenario. 

Your customers are your main reason for being

Customers do not buy a product to own the product. They do not subscribe to a service to own the service. They are looking for something else: something they believe in, something valuable that fits their own purpose or need. They buy your product to solve a problem or fill a present or future need. But before they do so, they need to believe in you and trust you. They need to recognise themselves in your offering. They only are ready to buy when they relate to your offering. We can create that very specific strategic positioning from the bone structure to the deliverables. 
Your customers are therefore the main reason why you want to create value.

Because to us, “Strategy is all about being relevantly different,
while creating customer value in a sustainable way”,
we are eager to help you stand out from the crowd.


“Be your brand.
All the others are already taken.”
– our tribute to Oscar Wilde

Does your company solve a problem or need?

Traditional brand building belongs to the past because it is too organisation-centric. Nobody is interested in how good you are or how well you can draw a list of incredible USPs. Honestly, people have more important stuff to worry about. The real challenge is: does your company solve a current or future problem? 

The customer is right

Over the years, we have developed a pragmatic way of looking at brands, starting from the common sense that the customer is always right when it comes to liking or disliking your brand. Our approach is based on the conviction that people do not buy products for the features they have, but for the experiences they bring. And to make sense, also your brand proposition must be relevantly different.

The age of “brand being”

We make companies shine, not by saying how good they are (this is old-school brand building) but by helping them prove how good they are (what we call brand being).  You have to be your brand and consistently breathe your brand values in every little thing you do and at every single moment you face the customer. We can help you better manage the touch points that are typically forgotten in the overall customer journey. Simply put, these are often the moments that come after the selling is done. Moments such as: when the customer starts using your product and has questions, when he is struggling or getting into trouble with your product, the day he starts questioning you or when he has concerns he wants to voice, the day he needs a replacement for your product or service, the moment when friends and family ask “what or whom would you recommend.”
We love to develop and finetune brands that outshine the competition. 


“A website is like a mirror.
When it doesn’t reflect your customers’ needs and expectations,

it is broken.” 
– Geert

We know that true success is always related to how customer-oriented you are. So, before we build a new website or update an existing one, we always reflect on what your customers and visitors really expect. Why do they come to your site? What do they need or what do they expect? Our online offering goes from developing an online strategy, over the actual web building, up to a variety of optimisation efforts (search engine marketing, web analytics, social media, content marketing) to make your website future-proof.

Be where your customers are

We develop a tailor-made social media strategy for your business. We can also help you manage your social media accounts to get the conversation going.

Invest in relevant content

Your website’ success will mainly depend on the quality of the content. Content marketing is an ongoing process to attract and retain visitors with interesting information that makes them smarter. It is not about pitching your products or services. It is about giving your visitors exactly that relevant piece of market or user information that strengthens their feeling that they should choose… YOU. We can set up smart content tracks and show you what it takes to keep your website continuously relevant, and convert visitors into customers. 
Without content no marketing.


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