VOKA is Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is the most representative employers’ organization in Flanders and represents over 18.000 companies in Flanders and Brussels. It is VOKA’s mission to create an optimal framework for successful entrepreneurship a.o. through offering networking opportunities, conferences, seminars, trainings, trade missions, business projects.


  • Chairing the Business Club International Marketing
  • Chairing the Learning Network Marketing
  • A range of workshops and trainings on topics such as:
    • Strategic innovation / Business model innovation
    • The irreversible effects of digital disruption on your business model
    • Brand building vs brand being
    • Online strategy: The 24/7 worldwide experience
    • Experience marketing

Customer feedback

For the Chamber of Commerce and Industry West-Flanders, Ann Galland regularly organizes workshops, and has been chairing the Learning Network Marketing.  She is very knowledgeable in strategic marketing, branding and new trends. In her approach, she is not pursuing the hypes of the moment, but she always focuses on fundamentals that last. Our west-flemish companies have already learned a lot from Ann.
And that is what it all is about: “learning from each other.”
Hans Maertens, Director General VOKA – Chamber of Commerce and Industry