From Aerospace, Space and Defence to Security and Transportation, Thales helps its customers to create a safer world by giving them the tools they need to perform critical tasks. Thales’s above-water combat systems and radars meet a wide range of needs for surface and anti-air warfare. These systems solutions perform surveillance, command and combat functions and support weapon systems from both US and European manufacturers.


  • Strategy workshops 
  • Brand positioning workshops
  • Identity building ‘Thales on Board’

Customer feedback

“ challenged me and my colleagues at Thales to develop state-of-the-art ideas in the context of branding and marketing. For example, an excellent, interactive two-day workshop has resulted in the “Thales On Board” theme, which has been successfully used in our marketing material. Ann is a pleasure to work with and proves herself able to learn about and master our company’s solutions, products and services in the shortest possible time. She is a very professional consultant.”
Joris Janssen Lok, Key Account Manager, Thales Netherlands