Qbic Fund is an inter-university venture capital fund, focusing on the transformation of technological breakthroughs into sustainable business. It supports spin-off companies of the Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Liège university associations and of VITO. Its investment approach is based on early in-depth and independent review and analysis followed by hands on involvement and support.


  • Identity building
  • Logo and baseline
  • Messaging strategy
  • Online strategy
  • Website www.qbic.be

Customer feedback

“Do you like our logo? We do. And you know what? It wasn’t our first choice. Because it is not an obvious choice for a technology-oriented venture capital fund. Then, why did we choose it? Because step by step, Ann guided us through a positioning exercise, in order to define our values, and to decide what we wanted to communicate. Once we converged on our communication strategy, it all fitted together, and the right choice became obvious. We like our logo, because it tells who we are.”
Guy Huylebroeck, Investment partner, Qbic Venture Partners