VIAS Institute

VIAS Institute (formerly know as Belgian Road Safety Institute) is a non-profit association, which aims at promoting road safety. Ever since its creation in 1986, it has led a great number of actions designed to influence road safety in a positive way. BRSI’s activities are connected with the three factors that determine road safety: the road user, the vehicle and the road (traffic environment)


  • Strategic (re-)positioning of the institute
  • Bussiness model innovation
  • Strategic innovation workshop and brainstorms
  • Marketing plan & action plan “go for zero”

Customer feedback

“As part of its change and development program, The Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI – BIVV) was looking for both expertise in innovation and a way to develop new, competitive services and products. challenged our team composed of staff members and stakeholders in developing those innovative ideas.  Ann and Geert used a refreshing approach, both building further on our ideas and insights as well as challenging us with their own vision, value proposition and business ideas.  The result of the consulting by has been further developed by BRSI and has become part of our product portfolio.”

Karin Genoe, CEO VIAS Institute (formerly know as Belgian Road Safety Institute)