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Galland has customers in different markets, such as design, entertainment, pharma, high tech and education, to name but a few.

“Ann is a true strategic marketing and branding professional. Her systematic approach to declutter the noise around the signal, and highlight what really matters, helped us convey a simple and clear message about our company and our brand. She didn’t hesitate to challenge us on our established positions which allowed us to see our image form different angles. Ann is dedicated and passionate about her work, she understands niche markets and works with her heart.
If she has time available to work for you, don’t hesitate to take this opportunity, it will definitely be worth the investment!”
Paul Vander Plaetse, President at VuWall Technology, Inc.

Ann delivered an interactive training day filled with poignant examples of mental models and basic assumptions, as well as thought-provoking exercises (I particularly liked MIT’s Moral Machine quiz.)  We had a fruitful discussion around a complex business case where we had to make commercial and strategic decisions based on 5 approaches to ethical thinking.

The feedback from 140 top level management assistants from over 20 countries was very positive.  All agreed it was an enriching and valuable training day.  Thanks, Ann!
Chantal Sneijkers, Executive Vice Chairman, International Management Assistants

“As part of its change and development program, The Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI – BIVV) was looking for both expertise in innovation and a way to develop new, competitive services and products.  
Galland challenged our team composed of staff members and stakeholders in developing those innovative ideas.  Ann and Geert used a refreshing approach, both building further on our ideas and insights as well as challenging us with their own vision, value proposition and business ideas.  The result of the consulting by Galland has been further developed by BRSI and has become part of our product portfolio.”
Karin Genoe, CEO VIAS Institute (formerly know as Belgian Road Safety Institute)

Nothing feels as good as winning. This passion and emotion, we are all striving for in private life, has the same mobilizing force in business. Winning as a team. Winning together with our customers. These were just some of the take-aways from our identity & branding journey with Galland,… which was brought by Ann with a lot of passion!
Danny Goderis, COO iMinds

Consider Ann and Geert as resourceful and flexible partners. Quick learners to understand your strategy. Instrumental in translating it into an online strategy and website with relevant content, and that is easy-to-read for different stakeholders. No nonsense, easy going and clearly marked by tens of years of experience in conceptualising online strategies and materials. We are proud with the outcome. The logo is superb. The site with parallax scrolling is great. And on top, I wasn’t overloaded with work or many iterations. We are looking forward to continuing to work together.
Pascal Vanluchene, Partner, Capital-E Partners nv

Do you like our logo? We do. And you know what? It wasn’t our first choice. Because it is not an obvious choice for a technology-oriented venture capital fund. Then, why did we choose it? Because step by step, Ann guided us in defining our identity, in deciding what we wanted to be and to communicate. Once we converged on our communication strategy it all fitted well together in a nice website, and the right choice for the logo became obvious. We like our logo, because it tells who we are.
Guy Huylebroeck, Investment partner, Qbic Venture Partners

In 2012, the “Vlaamse Sportfederatie” (Flemish Sports federation) worked closely together with Galland to develop a marketing track in support of its federations. In six sessions, Ann took a dozen of our member federations on a marketing journey from developing a strategy to making concrete plans.  The reactions from the participants were unanimously positive. Ann is an experienced marketer; you can easily deduct that from the many inspiring stories and examples she uses to illustrate the marketing vision she has. On top of that, Ann is a very enthusiastic speaker: she submerges you in her marketing approach, which makes you cannot wait to put what you learned into practice.
In 2013, the successful track resulted in the creation of a permanent online “marketing toolbox”, an interactive website created by Galland to support our federations with digital guidance by the development of their own marketing strategy and plan.
The combination of in-house expertise in both marketing and web design is undoubtedly an asset for Galland.
Leen Magherman, Vlaamse Sportfederatie

For the Chamber of Commerce and Industry West-Flanders, Ann Galland regularly organizes workshops, and has been chairing the Learning Network Marketing.  She is very knowledgeable in strategic marketing, branding and new trends. In her approach, she is not pursuing the hypes of the moment, but she always focuses on fundamentals that last. Our west-flemish companies have already learned a lot from Ann. And that is what it all is about: “learning from each other.”
Hans Maertens, Director General VOKA – Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

“Thanks to the approach of Galland, a comprehensive strategic marketing plan has been set up. The added value of Ann mainly lies in the development of a strong and clear vision, with a sound methodological foundation. The strategic vision that is being implemented, has amongst others already resulted in a new customer-centric website,  a company catalogue and spots focussing on the experience of comfort. In addition, the vision is taking shape and is being lived throughout all activities of the company.”
Koen Claerbout, COO JORI

“Galland proves to be a perfect complement to both the internal zesta.be team and the digital agency. Geert pinpointed in a surprisingly swift way the room for improvement concerning search engine optimisation, without dropping the customer-centricity adage. This resulted in both short and long term suggestions to enhance the user experience in a Google-friendly way. A significant part of them have in the meanwhile been implemented.”
Elise Descampszesta.be – VMMa

“Galland challenged me and my colleagues at Thales to develop state-of-the-art ideas in the context of branding and marketing. For example, an excellent, interactive two-day workshop has resulted in the “Thales On Board” theme, which has been successfully used in our marketing material. Ann is a pleasure to work with and proves herself able to learn about and master our company’s solutions, products and services in the shortest possible time. She is a very professional consultant.”
Joris Janssen Lok, Key Account Manager, Thales Netherlands

“I have been working with Galland for several years now. They always surprises me with new insights, other perspectives and refreshing marketing points of view. Ann perfectly combines empathic with intellectual and pragmatical skills. A pleasure to work with.”
Stijn De Rammelaere, Managing Partner, Profacts 

“In my experience Galland.be has proven to be a strong and efficient external partner in assisting a board of directors in the elaboration and the implementation of a sound and comprehensive strategic marketing approach.”
Michel Berges, Thesaurus s.a.

“I got to know Ann as a dedicated, passionate and creative Director of Marketing. She is a real expert in branding and communications and I was impressed how she managed to install BARCO’s “one company, one image” programme. Moreover, she is a very reliable person and very pleasant to work with. On top of that, she is also a gifted speaker.”
Maggie Geuens , Professor, Ghent University

“Ann leverages advanced marketing concepts and insights in a continuing effort to make a company more customer-focused and market-oriented. She is a hard worker who puts the customer’s interests first while not sacrificing her own career development.”
Steve Muylle, Prof Dr, Vlerick Management School

“Ann is a dedicated professional, enlightened with the gift of successful marketing and communications, achieving the goals, where none have gone before. When she is not restrained by conservative, outdated company rules, Ann will guide the organisation towards contemporary new heights, which will be noticed by colleagues as well as by competition. For Ann, the sky is not the limit; it is the beginning of an unlimited, rewarding opportunity.”
Marc Fonteyne, Space Industry consultant

“Ann has the experience and knowledge to successfully manage global marketing campaigns. I always admired Ann’s ability to recognize how marketing initiatives would be interpreted by different cultural audiences, and how best to reach a worldwide audience, without diverting from the company’s unified marketing message. It is a rare quality, but one that she definitely possesses.”
Ellyce Kelly , Public Relations manager Atlanta, USA

“Ann clearly contributed to the marketing strategy of BARCO. She focused on the customers, getting maximum feedback from them to adapt our commercial behavior.”
Martin De Prycker, CEO Caliopa & former CEO BARCO

“Ann has proven to be a very good visionary. The vision has been implemented in a coordinated and professional way, within the cost budget. Moreover, we have received many awards with her creative approach, and we realised to create the high profiling we envisioned at the start in all our markets.”
Luc Vandenbroucke, Director Metris nv & Sr VP BARCO

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