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If you want to generate impact online, you need more than just a website. Does that mean that you have to be present on each and every social media platform, and that you have to hire a few headcount to cope with this? No, you have to start with combining the best of internet savvy, usability and proven social media tactics. 

Why would you order?

Our approach is not a “one size fits all” approach (you can order that anywhere else or have already tried that earlier). What you will get from us is a set of tailor-made recommendations, relevant for your company context in order to become the best in class in your industry.

Why do you need it?

Your company is unique and that is what you want to maximize online as well as offline. Online presence goes much further than just your site. We investigate the market context of your company in order to detect new opportunities online, and give you concrete recommendations in the following domains:

  • Structured online brand profiling advice
  • Segmentation advice
  • Navigation concept insights
  • Identification of new functionalities
  • “Call to action” content ideas
  • “Customer takeaways and learnings”
  • Toolbox to help your site make the transition from company-centric to customer-centric.
  • Detailed web analytics (Google Analytics and more) to see what is working and what is not in order to define an appropriate strategy
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) review making sure your website is being found and aiming at the right targets

How do we proceed?

We start from “facts & figures” in order to present you with an objective in-depth analysis of how customer-oriented your site is today. In that perspective, we analyse content, structure, segmentation, navigation, usability, visibility in search engines, internet conventions, communication style, tone of voice, …

To have objective benchmarks, we also investigate the market context of your company and compare your site with other sites that are relevant for your industry or market orientation. We give you very tangible do’s and don’ts that will transform you site into a unique customer-centric experience.

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