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Digital is here to stay. The whole world is connected. 24/7 worldwide has become the Olympic minimum. That is why your digital presence must be as relevant as possible.



"A website is like a mirror: if it doesn’t reflect your customer’s needs, it's broken." *

* Our customer experience credo for the digital age.


Our online offering goes from developing an online strategy, over the actual web building, up to a variety of optimisation efforts to make your website future-proof.

Online strategy

We dare to be pretty tough on our customers and never just execute what is being asked. Why?  Because at Galland, we live our credo for the digital age: “a website is like a mirror: if it doesn’t reflect your customer’s needs, it’s broken.” 

After so many years of uncountable workshop and brainstorm sessions with customers, we know that true success is always related to how customer-oriented you are. So, before we build a new website or update an existing one, we always reflect on what your customers and visitors really expect.

Why do they come to your site? What do they need or what do they expect? Together, we can pinpoint the essence of your brand and determine what really matters to your customers. We work out a tailor-made online strategy and message plan to be relevantly different.

And because content makes or breaks a site, we conclude the strategic phase with a simple and straightforward content marketing plan that determines the required messaging and different types of content your site will need.

Web building

We develop websites from A to Z.  In the web building phase of a project, we turn your online strategy and messaging plan into a customer-oriented web architecture. We distinguish three different levels: technically, visually and content-wise.

After setting up the information architecture, the actual web implementation and integration can start.  In order to guarantee optimal user experience, we also make sure the design of your site is responsive (fit for mobile device usage).

As far as choice of CMS is concerned, for the majority of the projects we do, we opt for industry-standard open source systems like WordPress or Drupal. We only deviate from this principle in very specific cases, e.g. when there are specific performance issues involved, or any other type of parameters that may be important to you.

At the same time, we are also very flexible when it comes to the execution level: we do not mind cooperating with your existing web team or agency if you have one.

Web optimisation

Here are some of the optimisation efforts we can do to make your site future proof:

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing and sales managers often tell us their company encounters technical issues preventing their website from being properly index by Google or other search engines. And indeed, Google is also always on the lookout to penalize “over-optimized” websites as they call it.

Galland is a truly white-hat SEO partner and this choice has proven to be successful over time. We provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) services adapted to your needs, while always focussing on the long term and the benefit for your visitors.

Web analytics

When using Google Analytics or other web metric tools, you end up with a lot of data. You end up with lots of charts. But what is the conclusion? Or even better, what will be the next steps?

“The good news about online marketing is that almost everything is measurable; the bad news is that everything is measurable.”

We provide executive reporting services to provide monthly or quarterly reports looking at all that data while taking into account your business objectives. We show you all the opportunities we identify, so that it becomes easier for you to take decisions on what steps to be taken next.

Social media

Depending on the business you are in, your customers and prospects are actively using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes. Not to mention the wide range of professional apps on their mobile devices. So, where should you be? To whom should you be listening and what should you be talking about and why?

“Be where your customers are.”

We offer social media training as well as in-company workshops to develop a tailor-made social media strategy for your business. We can also help you manage your social media accounts to get the conversation going.

Content marketing

When your new website has been launched, your website actually remains works-in-progress because its ultimate success depends on the content.

Content marketing is an ongoing process to attract and retain visitors with interesting information that makes them smarter. It is not about pitching your products or services. It is about giving your visitors relevant user or market information that strengthens their feeling that they should choose… you.

We can set up smart content tracks and show you what it takes to keep your website continuously relevant, and convert visitors into customers. Without content no marketing.

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