Simple brand propositions work better than complex ones.

Traditional brand building belongs to the past because it is too organisation-centric. Nobody is interested in how good you are or how well you can draw a list of incredible USPs. Honestly, people have more important stuff to worry about. The real challenge is: does your offering solve a current or future problem? 

We believe that actions speak louder than  words (ads or other push marketing). Therefore, we help our customers to become successful by connecting and engaging with their audience in a relevant way.



“Be your brand. All the others are taken" *

* Our tribute to Oscar Wilde’s “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken”

Over the years, we have developed a pragmatic way of looking at brands, starting from the common sense that the customer is always right when it comes to liking or disliking your brand. Our approach is based on the conviction that people do not buy products for the features they have, but for the experiences they bring.

To stay in business or grow your business, you need to adapt to the new reality. We can support you with creating or fine-tuning your  brand proposition, and with developing an overall strategic marketing plan that focusses on how you are relevantly different. 

Be relevantly different

Mission statements in general look pretty much the same… They are useless if they don’t give clear directions to the people who have to live the brand.

To make sense, your brand proposition must be relevantly different. And spot-on positioning is what separates the good from the great. Therefore we start from the (often unlocked) DNA that sets you apart from anyone else in your market or industry, in a way you may not have thought of before.

With a “brand being” strategy

We specialise in making companies future-proof by reshaping their attitude from “brand building” to “brand being”. We make companies shine, not by saying how good they are (brand building) but by helping them show or prove how good they are (brand being).

We can help you better understand and manage the customer touchpoints that are typically forgotten in the overall customer journey. Simply put, those that come after the sales. When the customer is using your product, when he is struggling or getting into trouble with your product, the day he starts questioning or when he has concerns he wants to voice, the day he needs to replace, the moment when friends and family ask “what or whom would you recommend” ….

Since we believe strategy is about “being relevantly different, while creating customer value in a sustainable way”, we love to develop  tailor-made plans in which we determine what is really at stake for your customers with respect to your brand (at different levels: products and services, design and content creation).


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