How customer-intimate is your organization?

Talking the language of your customers on your website shows you care about what they are searching for. And it also helps you to be found more easily.
Imagine what it would be like not to be found on Google…
Online searching and the use of Google in particular have changed the way we all look for information. The way we search the internet has also changed the way we interact. By changing the way we interact, our expectations about what to find, have changed as well.
How customer intimate is your organization? Do the test

Create your own story with the Google search stories video creator

How to make sure there is no substitute for your brand?

Face the market with a customer-intimate marketing strategy
Today’s consumers are much more demanding and well informed

1. Like to connect and share their beliefs and interests
2. Feel special, want to be treated in a unique way
3. Make their own choices based on their own criteria

Today the market is global and highly competitive Companiesthat want to outsmart competition understand the differentiation game

1. Are collaborative
2. Highly personalize their actions
3. Set up dialogue and engage with the customer

Customers are unique

Customer intimacy as competitive advantage for the further growth and profit of your company
For a start, it feels good to believe you have satisfied customers, doesn’t it? But that in itself is not sufficient to ensure the further growth of your company. Satisfied customers have positive feelings towards your company, but they also look and shop elsewhere. They are not won forever. They can walk away from you at any point in time, looking out for other options, or being won for something else. Sometimes they may even go for worse alternatives, which on top of that, give them an even better feeling, based on highly subjective criteria.

If you think you cannot do anything about this, don’t continue reading. If you would like to find out how to have an impact on this matter, go on reading.

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