Rebranding, why would you?

A company’s reason to rebrand can be just anything ranging from wanting to have a fancier name or a modern look, to feeling they’d like to be a little more of this or that.  Just like x, y or z… (read competitors), they want to see to it that …. (read they want exacty the same).
These are no good reasons to rebrand.
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Why you should stop doing marketing

We stopped doing marketing. We didn’t stop just now ; we stopped already a while ago. Because marketing the way we know it, is no longer relevant. The 4Ps are no longer a big help because they tell you to promote products to people at a set price at the places you pick. And that is what people are running away from. The same is true for the artificial split between B2B and B2C. You do not do business with businesses or consumers, do you? No, you do business with people. People with emotions and ratio.
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Allemaal Waze-en?

Column zoals verschenen in De Tijd van 20 juni 2013

Waze - de tijd - ann gallandWaar is de tijd van de steeds fout opgeplooide Michelinkaarten die overal in de auto rondslingerden? Ik had er ontelbaar veel. Zoveel dat ik ze op een zeker ogenblik netjes moest sorteren in een bakje in de koffer van mijn auto omdat het handschoenkastje veel te klein werd.

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#FitchTheHomeless campaign: never underestimate the power of one

Brand building, the old school way, doesn’t work anymore. As a brand, you can no longer tell others what your brand is going to be for them. People decide for themselves, take action and if they are pretty serious about the issue, they let the world know what the brand really means to them.
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Shaping for tomorrow with Capital-E


Early 2013, Capital-E, a leading venture capital fund in Europe with exclusive focus on micro/nano-electronics and advanced materials, asked us to rethink their online presence.
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A story about online versus offline marketing

Each time I am being asked to bring a story about online versus offline marketing, I actually should answer I can’t because there is not such a thing like “versus” in marketing. But I never say I can’t, because the question makes sense: many marketers are still struggling with what to do online and what to do offline.
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De Vlaamse Sportfederatie “marketingtoolbox” website is een feit

De Vlaamse Sportfederatie (VSF) lanceert deze week haar online “marketingtoolbox”: een interactieve website die aan haar leden sportfederaties toelaat hun marketing- en communicatiestrategie eens grondig onder de loep te nemen. Met deze online marketingtool die we binnen speciaal op maat voor de VSF hebben ontwikkeld, wil de VSF de werking binnen de sportfederatiesector strategisch versterken.
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I like and I recommend

Gallandbe_Marketing_Jaarboek_2012“Word of mouth”: nieuw of van alle tijden?

Word of mouth is de snelste en meest persoonlijke vorm van communicatie tussen individuen. We denken aan buzz, consumer-generated content, referrals, social media, brand ambassadors en influencers. Nieuw? Integendeel, word of mouth is des mensen, zo oud als de straat, maar staat weer volop in de belangstelling doordat deze beproefde communicatievorm het ongelooflijke voordeel heeft geloofwaardig te zijn.
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2013, het jaar van “iedereen expert”

Mad Men days are overDe wereld is veranderd, het digitale tijdperk is een feit, en er zijn uiteraard wel voldoende experten in domeinen zoals bijvoorbeeld SEO of mobile marketing, maar er is zo goed als niemand die zich expert mag noemen in de transformatie die de digitale revolutie met zich meebrengt. Daarvoor is het gegeven te nieuw.
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Wishing you a great 2013!

Wishing you a great 2013

In the course of 2012, we heard quite a few CEOs and managers say they really like the idea of “listening more to customers”, of becoming more “customer-centric” and of wanting to “excel in customer intimacy.”

That’s a good start because thanks to the digital age, customers have become very powerful: they can make or break the image of your company without any effort.

What do you need to make customer-centricity work?

  • Empathy to have a good understanding of all the moments that really count to your customer
  • Imagination to give them exactly what they do not yet realize they will be wanting to die for once it becomes available.

How? Don’t talk, but listen. Really listen. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Involve them in everything you do to collect new insights. And turn great ideas into action.

That is why we wish you a great 2013, full of empathy and imagination!

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