We are a small yet flexible team.
We are down-to-earth people who
– always start with listening
– challenge you with business insights from outside
– set ambitious goals that are reachable
– are pragmatic and never fix what is not broken
– combine strategy with creativity to make things happen
– support you to put the chosen strategy into action
– are prepared to walk the extra mile

Ann Galland

Founder & business strategist

After having built a long outstanding career in the industry, with international companies like Wang, Dow Chemical, Fortis and BARCO (where she was Corporate Director Marketing, serving all the company’s divisions worldwide for 12 years), Ann Galland decided to follow her passion for strategy and branding in a more independent way. As such, management consultancy agency BV was born in 2009.
Ever since, Ann loves to help companies determine or adapt their business model, formulate or finetune their brand strategy and turn those strategies into a crystal-clear marketing approach and concrete actions. She is eager to help people grow their business both domestically and internationally, and always puts everything into action with a lot of dedication and common sense.
In addition, Ann is also eager to support young entrepreneurs in launching and growing their company. She has been active as mentor and coach in business accelerator environments, such as The Birdhouse, and currently Imec Istart, the leading accelerator for high tech startups.

Geert Van Couteren

Online marketer

After having been BARCO’s international e-Marketing manager for more than a decade, Geert Van Couteren joined Galland in 2010. Ever since he has accumulated a wealth of marketing experience in international environments both in B2B and B2C. Currently Geert is working on content programs and digital projects, and focusses on creating websites to become true customer-centric experiences. He believes that building long-term customer intimacy is the foundation for future growth, online as well as off-line.

Bruno Jacques

Creative designer

Bruno Jacques is a designer “pur sang” and has over 25 years of experience in branding and identity building. He has a keen eye for every little detail and is always on a clear mission: help companies grow their brands. To understand, analyse and develop brand identities that last, he passionately gets under the skin of the customer, always keeping the end-user in mind. 
Bruno has worked on branding and communication projects for numerous brands in various sectors, amongst which BARCO, McCain, Lebeau-Courally, Trappist Westvleteren, Omega Pharma, Tabasco, Teisseire, Lea & Perrins, Spaas, AEG, Aoste, Pinguin-Lutosa, QuickStep and Beaulieu International Group.

Galland’s favourite quotes

With the years passing by, we have experienced many things to remember and cherish. This has resulted in a collection of favourite pictures and quotes gathered while working on different issues great and small around the globe. All of them reflect our thoughts on strategy, simplicity and customer centricity.

Inspirational books that helped us grow

This is a selection of management books we like and recommend because they have been part of our own growth path.  Some are rather theoretical and others are very practical. Some are very well know and others are yet to be discovered. Some are inspirational, and others will make you wonder why you didn’t read them earlier. Enjoy.

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