Shaping for tomorrow with Capital-E


Early 2013, Capital-E, a leading venture capital fund in Europe with exclusive focus on micro/nano-electronics and advanced materials, asked us to rethink their online presence.

Our collaboration took off with an in-depth assessment of the new website’s future goals, and by drafting the online strategy. When presenting our proposal, we discovered a highly motivated team with a clear focus. They were a pleasure to work with.

We started from the fact that a great idea can change the market. So, the right thing to do was emphasize that and welcome entrepreneurs to have a first chat with someone from the team. Therefore, the homepage has been designed in such a way that it is an immediate and open invitation to entrepreneurs, whereas the other important stakeholders, i.e. shareholders and investors, are also immediately led to the mosts relevant information they are looking for.

From a branding perspective, we gave the logo a contemporary and timeless look and feel, and developed a new baseline reflecting the company’s ambitions: shaping for tomorrow. Because that is exactly what they do: they carefully listen to entrepreneurs, and when they are convinced of the idea, they put everything into work to shape new companies together.